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3D space combat simulation game  v.2002

Coronasphere is an open-source multiplayer 3D space combat simulation game with strategic elements, running both under Win32 and Linux.Major 3D features include hardware-accelerated multitexturing, particle effects, bump maps and

Lincity - a city simulation game  v.1.0

Lincity is a city simulation game. Build your city up from a primitive village to an advanced civilization. Build a sustainable economy, or build rockets to escape from a pollution ridden and resource starved

Open Business Simulation Framework  v.1.0

The Open Business Simulation Framework provides functionality that facilitates the implementation of business simulation software used for educational and training purposes.

Stock Market Simulation Game  v.1.0

A web based simulated stock exchange game for a class room size group of players lasting on average two hours. This game teaches basic buy and sell strategies of the stock market without going into to much detail for the players.

BIONETS Economic and Business Simulation  v.1.0

it provides a user interface to the economic theory through an intuitive and easily understandable quantification of the economic value of alternative business models.

Real life Stock Market simulation game  v.1.0

The project aims to develop a prototype of a real life stock market simulation for the Indian market senario. The web project, would house gaming, news, research and helpful tips.

Infomatist Business Game Mail Checker  v.

Informatist is a free online web based business simulation game. It has a in-game mail system which easily helps players to communication with other players. This free tool notify the players if he has in-game mail checker.

Infomatist BusinessSimulationGame EcHK  v.

Informatist is a free online web based business simulation game. The energy status is a very important element for player.This free tool notify the player's energy status every 10min.

Aerobiz Supersonic  v.1.0

Aerobiz Supersonic, known as Air Management II: Kōkū Ō wo Mezase in Japan, is a business simulation game released by Koei in August 1994, available on the Super Nintendo and the Mega Drive/Genesis.

Business  v.1.0

A MultiPlayer Business Simulation game. It is like Capatalism II but will be highly authentic simulation. It will also feature SimCity 4 like city building. You Can play as a Businessman, Mayor, Bank, or Cosultant or just anyone in the bussiness world.

IT Tycoon  v.1.0

IT Tycoon is a text-based business simulation game with strong emphasis on Research and Development. Version 0.2.x is for .NET Framework. Version 0.3.x is rewritten with C++ and

RottzTV  v.2008

RottzTV is a business simulation game where you are the programmer of a TV station and have to compete against 2 other stations through selecting the best movies and programs and matching the most profitable ads. A clone/tribute to MadTV

R-Manager  v.1.0

R-Manager is a business simulation game of a restaurant chain. You can manage your own restaurant chain and build a vast empire.

Free Market  v.1.0

Free Market is a web-based business simulation game. The goal is to create a thriving business environment where players control everything, including manufacturing plants, retails stores, and banks.

GBAscii  v.1.0

Inspired by two great historical games of the past, Ghostbusters Ascii is a Business Simulation Game with elements of both the C64 game "Ghostbusters Activision" and the "X-COM" series by Mythos Games and MicroProse.

Aerobiz  v.1.0

Aerobiz (Air Management: Ōzora ni Kakeru in Japan) is a business simulation video game for the Super Nintendo and Mega Drive/Genesis game consoles, released in 1992 by KOEI.

ActRaiser  v.1.0

ActRaiser is a 1990 Super Nintendo Entertainment System action and city-building simulation game developed by Quintet and published by Enix (now Square Enix) that combines traditional side-scrolling platforming with urban planning god game sections.

Internet game about the railway business  v.1.0

A multi-user, server hosted Internetgame about railroad business simulation. Setup your own company, create new firms, and earn money within the railroad business.

BladeMaster2, an arena combat simulation  v.b2.0.15

BladeMaster 2 is text-based multi player arena combat simulation game. BladeMaster 2 is a resurrection of a classic BBS game. It's purpose is to create a greatly enhanced and open source version based on the original, playable on modern

Net Colony -- A Political Simulation  v.1.0

NetColony is a political simulation game focussing on colonial development. A range of human affairs is covered in the game: war, economics, crime, science, etc. Players manage Interests, each being a political force with a special Agenda to

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